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Good confirmation of rising or falling

How to understand if there's a false breakdown or not? Often the breakdown gathers stop losses. You need a more accurate indicator. I use the range bar. Having configured the necessary settings of the delta, I can understand where there's a real prerequisite for strong growth, and where the price goes in a certain balance: from edge to edge. Note the following examples: ES, EUR / USD, WTI. 

Range bar sets the bar not on the time parameters, but upon accumulation of the delta. I draw your attention to the rate of accumulation. If the bar is formed rapidly, within 5-10 minutes - it greatly increases the chances for confirmation.

And what patterns or indicators do you use to confirm a trend?
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 For good confirmation of rising or falling you should also prefer online service  Multi Management and Future Solutions is the profitable gateway for trader and investors We welcome you to explore SGX Singapore and KLSE Malaysia – new and profitable ventures into investing and deriving profits. Our outstanding expert advice andproven share & stock investment tips & Recommendations for Singapore Equity, Malaysian Stocks, FOREX and COMEX.

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EUR/USD gains look unlikely to last

EUR/USD has been rallying after a small double bottom was completed yesterday. We are turning higher from here, but it looks likely any rally will be a retracement preceding another move lower.

As such, short-term gains could set up a break higher, yet watch out for the likes of $1.0952, $1.0968 and $1.0995 as potential bearish reversal areas.

After climbing as high as the 1.0950 area on Wednesday, EUR/USD has sparked a correction lower to the current 1.0900 neighbourhood. But now it is going up towards 1.0917. 

Stay tuned for more Forex updates & Forex trading tips.

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